Low cost home fuel oil

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Thank you for visiting Bottom Dollar Heating Oil (BDHO).

Here at Bottom Dollar Home Heating Oil, we have over 20 years of experience in the heating oil industry.

We offer you the ability to view our heating oil prices in NJ. We offer cash on delivery heating oil delivery as well as secure on-line pay.

This experience has allowed us to understand that not every customer is the same. With that said, there has been one trend over the years; customers want the lowest price they can get!

Why wouldn’t they? As consumers, we have the right to look around for the best price, not all of us have the time!

That is why BDHO’s goal is to give you the lowest price, period. By tracking prices of other companies in your area, we can be sure that our price is lower than our competition.

Since providing heating oil is our only service and all orders are processed online, it allows us to lower overhead and offer the lowest pricing we possibly can, without obligation or contracts.

In most cases, we even offer same day delivery! *(subject to weather, product availability and holidays). Our goal is to make your heating oil purchases as quick, easy, safe and inexpensive as possible! Please enter your zip to the left to find the best pricing in your area!